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  1. Alexandria News Features Midori’s First Days of Her 2012 Residency

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    As funding for Art programs in schools continues to dwindle, students in the Alexandria and Arlington area this week get a rare chance to work with world-renowned violist Midori. Midori is here as part of her Orchestra Residencies Program (ORP), which brings some much welcome help to educational and community arts programs across the country.

    As a child prodigy at Julliard, Midori noticed a disconnect between students and working musicians. The young performers would only get glimpses of their adult idols let alone any collaborative time with them. Now, in addition to her own international career, Midori works hard to bring the professional music experience back to students—especially those who might not have such opportunities otherwise. Started in 2004, the ORP committee selects two sites for five to seven days of performance workshops, rehearsals, questions and answer sessions and even dinner with students and parents—all culminating with a final performance with a youth orchestra.