Sympatico Impact Statements

Impact Statements from John Adams Elementary Teachers

“Eight of my 24 students are in Sympatico. I never hear a negative word about “having to go.” They are always happy to set off to attend after school.  It makes them feel a part of something special that is appreciated in the school community. When it gets close to a performance, the students chat with each about how excited they are and who’s going to see them. There is so much positive energy on a performance day it is a joy to see. I am glad my students have this opportunity and I know it not only makes a difference now, it is planting seeds for their future.”

“I love the opportunity Sympatico gives to the students to refine or find their musical talent. The meetings in the morning show dedication and commitment from the students because they have to arrive by 7:00 a.m. every morning. In addition to that, it helps to blend the community and explore the arts. Hopefully, their talents can extend to the gifted and talented program.”

“Sympatico is very valuable to my students who participate. They love the chance to learn a new instrument and play them with their friends. My students who are in Sympatico are excellent presenters. I believe this is because Sympatico gives them extra confidence and helps them get over any stage fright they might have. Sympatico is so valuable and makes them better students.”

“My 4th grade student has been attending Sympatico before school every day. When meeting with her mom at parent teacher conferences, her mother mentioned that her daughter would cry almost every day when she was dropped off at school in the morning. This year she said her daughter jumps out of the car with a wave to her mom because she is so excited to go to Sympatico. This music program has made a positive impact on how my student feels about school.”

Impact Statements from Sympatico Parents

“What we have noticed is that our daughter is making more friends! She is meeting people outside of her immediate classroom. She has found her voice, been able to stand up for herself in class.  She is having so much fun. She is so proud to sing, so proud to perform. It has made her feel part of the school, a member of the school community. We are very happy with her involvement with Sympatico!”

“Our four children have taken part in the John Adams Sympatico program—Mallet Machine and Xylokids, in particular. Each of them joined after transitioning into the school after moving from out-of-state, and we credit Sympatico for building confidence, establishing friendships, and preparing them for a productive day at school through enhanced focus and collaboration. We are very thankful for the teachers and Alexandria Symphony Orchestra for making this amazing program available to our children, and we are always blown away by the talents that are being cultivated at such a young age.”

“We are so very thankful for Sympatico. My daughter started it in Kindergarten and continues to attend now that she is in first grade. Not only does she love the singing aspect of it, but also she has learned to overcome her shyness. I can’t wait to enroll my son, who is starting kindergarten next year.  Many thanks from our family.”

“My daughter is in the dual language program at John Adams. After she started singing with Cantamos when she was in Kindergarten, her teacher told me what a difference he saw in the classroom. Initially, she was reserved and didn’t speak much Spanish.  But her confidence grew, and she thrived in her Kindergarten classroom, saying more and more. I believe her teacher was correct, and that the experience of working and singing with Cantamos helped her to speak up and learn!”

“My kids love Sympatico so much that they are willing to wake up at 6:00 a.m. every day, now my son the 4th year and my daughter the 3rd year. Every time I bring up the idea of giving up because we are all tired, they would just jump out of their bed and saying, ‘No no, we’re going.’ I don’t exactly know what motivates them this much, but I know my kids love their music. Once I watched them compose music just by jamming together, within short amount of time and enjoyed so much what they did. As a parent, it was an amazing experience to see these kids grow in music. Sympatico instructors are so talented and know how to work with kids, and it’s so amazing to see how stages full of kids obediently sit and wait for their turn to perform. In fact, the reason we chose to stay in the school zone of John Adams elementary school is Sympatico. It is a wonderful program.”

“ASO Sympatico has provided my daughter a place to funnel her creativity and love for music. It has also allowed her to gain skills in working with others and patience while other are learning. The teachers are always available to help inside and outside the classroom. She has developed new friendships with individuals she may not have come in contact with under any other environment that also encourage her. As a parent, what I love most about the program is the outside instructors that are brought in to help them see a career is possible in music and that the world without music would be dull. Seeing the passions of others in music allows my daughter to appreciate and respect her dreams. She has done Cantamos and Xylokids. She is already talking about another group to be in for next year. She gets excited when it’s time to go and I see her confidence continuing to rise. Thank you offering this amazing program.”

“From a parent standpoint, our daughter has grown and matured greatly since starting Cantamos. In the initial weeks she was shy and timid, not wanting to use her voice during the first concert. As the months continued, having excellent teachers and older peers to encourage her, we have seen her gain tremendous confidence and learn how to use her voice, not only in Cantamos but in her classroom as well. Her teachers have seen a great improvement in her overall participation and every week she genuinely enjoys going to Cantamos.”

“We have had our children in Sympatico for four years. The level of instruction from the JAES music staff has been incredible. With every concert we are left amazed with how kids, aged approximately 6-11, could be orchestrated with such precision. The lessons my children have learned with respect to working as a team with their fellow-Sympatico classmates have transferred to their other learning, whether it be in the classroom, on the dance floor, on the basketball court and in the swimming pool. It is a shame that not every elementary school is fortunate as John Adams to have such a unique and special program.”