Adopt a Chair Sponsorship

Alexandria Symphony proudly acknowledges the following chairs and sponsors:

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Alexandria Symphony Orchestra is a community supported orchestra, requiring the ongoing support of people like you willing to invest in the future of live music performance.  As a part of the Washington metropolitan region, ASO concert-goers demand and expect the highest quality music offered by world-class musicians.  Through the “Adopt a Chair” Program, contributors endorse and ensure that quality through multi-year sponsorship.

“Adopt a Chair” is a signature giving program (separate from any other ASO donor program) designed to underwrite the equivalent of one musician’s annual fees and provide long-term sustainable funding for the ASO.  As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to choose a specific instrument (based on availability), receive special program recognition, and invitation to special events where you can meet and get to know the musician holding the chair you have sponsored.  Many chair sponsors in established programs in other orchestras have underwritten the same musician for years and developed special friendships.  This program provides an opportunity to know more about the orchestra from the inside out and to draw a closer connection between the players and the audience.

Chairs can be designated in your name, your family’s name, or in the name of a company.  Chairs can also be recognized in honor or in memory of a loved one.  The sponsorship will begin at the time of the gift, with the second installment given after 12 months, and third installment after 24 months.  Sponsors can renew after the third year with first choice to sponsor the same chair.  The sponsorship is not designated for a specific musician (although many players hold the same chair for multiple years), but rather for his or her “chair” or position in the orchestra.

Levels (per year with three-year commitment)


To adopt a chair, contact the ASO at (703) 548-0885 or

“Until my chair was sponsored and I met my sponsors, I didn’t have much interaction with our listeners.  I am so fortunate and grateful mine was one of the first sponsored.  In getting to know them, I have a better appreciation for the passion and dedication they and others like them have for this orchestra. It mirrors my own passion and dedication for my instrument.” 

-Sponsored ASO musician

“We are happy to sponsor a chair.  Not only does she play my favorite instrument, but also because it takes a lifetime of dedication and practice to achieve that level of greatness.  We are merely showing our appreciation.”

ASO chair sponsor